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Class & Practica  every Tuesday.

  About Us

We’ll give you wings and teach you to fly. Welcome to Argentine Tango Toronto El Abrazo ( the Embrace) the Argentine Tango school in Toronto that teaches Real Argentine Tango, as it is danced today in Buenos Aires, Argentina (the birthplace of tango) , and around the world.

We are teachers for serious students. If you want to actually learn, then you have come to the right place. It takes dedication from both teacher and student. If you just want to be entertained and learn countless steps, that you continually repeat, there are plenty of other teachers who will entertain you. If you want to learn how to connect to your partner and the music and dance real Argentine Tango you have found your home. Steps without music is like singing without feeling,

Our Teaching Approach:

– Foundations of Argentine Tango movement
– Leading & following skills development
– Close embrace connection
– Musicality, interpretation & expression
– Freedom of improvisation & creativity of movement.
– There is an old saying “you have to dance the music, not the steps”

Our lessons teach you

– the foundations of leading and following
– learn to improvise on the dance floor
– musicality. The music tells you how to dance.
– connection is everything
– Learn about the four types of tango music that defines how you must dance.
– It is not just about the steps. It is about the music. But learning steps without a foundation is like a house without walls. Steps are just tools to express the music, and we teach you how to fly.

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